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Hi, I'm new here but well-emersed in the 18650 recycling gameWink

By no means an expert on the topic but after testing/fully testing over 3000 cells I would point out that some of my best cells were actually under 1 volt when opened. These particular laptop batteries were virtually new and bounced back to full health after a quick "jump"to get them within the Litokala's voltage range. I do a full discharge capacity test, checking for heat(anything uncomfortable to the touch is discarded), leave for several weeks and only accept cells above 4.1v after testing. I find that this process virtually eliminates everything with excessive IR and only ever rely on a 4-pronged tester as the Opus and Litokala's results personally don't mean much to me.

Working for me so far anyway, cheers.
I moved your post as it didn't follow with the OP of the other one.

Please do a Full Edit on the original post to change the title. If you can't, let us know what you want it to be and we can change it this time.
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