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Powerwall Build

I finally got my build started and decided to either go big or go homeThis is after I installed a 2.4kW Pylontech battery and Goodwe inverter for the prettiest penny in my pocket! have "supervised" the installation of the solar system I told my inner self "that isn't to hard..." So I started off with a  24V system with 1120 cells on a 7S 160 configuration which I keep running for a few months before I found a secondhand Goodwe inverter. 

with another 14S 80P pack ready i scaled up to a 48V  system and currently have 2240 cells in service in a 14S 160P setup. 

This system has been primarily servicing light loads (lights only) as I monitored temperature, balancing of the balancing packs as well as the voltage sag. It as good pretty well no explosions, not fires so a few more critical loads have been added on to the DB and so far life is good.

The initial setup wasn't the tidiest (and it hasn't improved much) but the plan to improve it is slowly coming together. So I currently have a Chinese 14S BMS running with the is pack and it seems for now to be up to the job. I have my eye on a batrium system but the cost is a bit of a hurdle so it will wait a while longer.

My goal is a 50kWh power wall and hopefully to learn faster than I am building at the moment! I am using an old sever cabinet has my box and haven't been to space efficient in it but now hope to slowly fix that by building my new 14S 80P packs so that they can snugly fit into the cabinet. I am considering building sliding shelving so as to make maintenance and upgrading/adding to the powerwall easier, but time will tell whether my welding skills are up to the job.
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Hahaha Love the battery pack holders! Big Grin True DIY right there

nice layout, too. Nice idea for storing the packs outside, but out of weather. Is the door metal?
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I really like that battery box. Have been looking for something similar. What is it from?
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(12-03-2019, 02:50 PM)cowpen Wrote: I really like that battery box. Have been looking for something similar. What is it from?

Electrical enclosures like those are expensive new! Got to find them in scrap yards when they discard old equipment. We have a few from old machinery at work that I have to remember to cannibalize before they go to the scrap yard.

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