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Battery Hookup >> BYD LiFePo4 Packs
Hello board members,

I have quite serious trouble with Battery Hookup I purchased quite a lot of BYD packs as they had some in stock, the communication is very fragmented and the goods are paid for quite some time now and haven't been shipped, I use a forwarding service to get them to EU with a warehouse in Texas which should not be any problem...
But they don't perform very good at the moment...

Has anybody had similar experience?

BR Andi (from Austria NOT Australia)
Did you check the details about transport of big lithium cells?
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
I know, my forwarder don't care so me neither...
But it's LiFePo4 so it's a bit less dangerous...
It's in a shared Container...
Please contact them to sort the problem out. Their phone number and email address are on the "Contact Us" page. If you call, please note their business hours are in the EST time zone.

Contact Info >

We are not able to help you with anything here since we do not have control over that business.

Also, they are backed up because of the huge amount of Black Friday orders. Perhaps that is the cause of the delay?
Be sure I have contacted them several times without an answer or with answers which weren't helping but finally they shipped out my stuff, hopefully things clear up now.

I will keep you updated...
I today talked in detail with forwarding agency which takes care of the shipping from US to Germany (I'm in Austria) and he knows exactly what he is doing he has already imported some Lithium based batteries.

Which impressed me quite!
Because the shipping is very reasonable priced.
I'm glad it's working out Smile I guess they were just late shipping because of the massive amount of Black Friday/weekend sales then?
They let me down for 2 weeks, maybe they sold stuff which wasn't in house on time? Seems a bit strange but looks as there is a good outcome...
They are a small business, don’t always expect things at Amazon Prime speeds… they probably had a bunch of stuff ahead of you to fulfill.
I placed 3 orders with them during the Black Friday specials. I received one pretty fast. The remaining two orders just shipped last night lol. I guess they're working their way though. I don't mind waiting at all though.

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