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Battery Hookup >> BYD LiFePo4 Packs
If I were to start from scratch these would be a great option. My next system will come from a EV of some sort
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******Hi My name is Jason and I have SOCD (Solar Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)*******
Current Powerwall - 1400 Cells 7s200p (modular 40p packs) ~ 12kWh of storage     4x 315W Canadian Solar Panels

Working on the next 7s40p packs     ~2.5kWh

Waiting on 2000 Cells of unused Sony vt4 (2000mah 30A) ~ 15kWh      hehehehehe  More Power
That would be absolutely OK if they would have committed that clearly the usually responded to my questions but never said clearly that it will take 2 weeks to ship which is completely OK if they would just say that!

However things should get dispatched today to the US warehouse.

If anyone is interested in the Export Service it's
the following company who is doing this:
With pretty reasonable pricing.

BR Andreas
I just recieved my LiFePO4 batteries today.  I ordered them on December 7 once they were announced they were back in stock and they were marked as shipped on December 16.  

I was hoping to figure out the built in BMS/cell monitor, but it looks like a daughter board is missing from all of my modules.  The main board is there, but a second board is visible in DavidPoz's video.  The board looks like it communicated over CAN.

I will most likely end up using DIYBMS.

Some photos of the BYD BMS PCB:

The board shown on DavidPoz's channel:

Some other pics of my batteries:

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