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[SELLING] LG M26 18650 cells USA - TX
Hi everyone!

I've recently completed a power-wall project for my mountain cabin and have some excess 18650 cells left over.  These cells were acquired after I purchased a lot of electric scooters at auction.  The scooters had been owned by a tech company and kept for use at their large campus.  Based on the tire wear most of the scooters appeared to have not even been used.

The extracted cells are genuine LG M26 cells (all tested and verified after extraction from the Ninebot G30 packs).

For the time being I have approximately 2k cells I need to liquidate.

Pricing is as follows:

0-250 cells --> $1.8/cell

251-500 cells --> $1.7/cell

500+ cells --> $1.5/cell

Shipping is $20 per box of cells (1 box of can contain up to 300 cells, so shipping will be adjusted by volume)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

I also have 40 Samsung INR-18650-29E cells left over from an eBike pack build (looking for $2.1/cell)

You forgot to add where you are located.
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(12-05-2019, 12:26 AM)Korishan Wrote: You forgot to add where you are located.

Just added more location info to the title!
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