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Smart BMS lifepo4 vs lion
Ok, so I bought the wrong Smart BMS for a 4s project. I got the lifepo4 instead of a Li-ion one, at least so it looks to me, since the voltage limit can't be set above 3.9v.
Does anybody maybe know if one can upgrade the firmware or change a setting to make it li-ion compatible? 

I assume it is the same devices coming from

Much appreciated.
When I go into the app software I have a lot of control over voltage thresholds…. perhaps it’s as simple as that. I am curious if there are even hardware differences on these smart boards.
Crimp Daddy,

Yeah. I thought so. But it does not allow me to set higher cutt off voltages than 3.9, neither PC app, nor mobile app. Both seller and manufacturer says it is possible to change it in the PC software. I'm awaiting instructions.

Ok. Got a settings file form the supplier, and loaded it. After some more settings to get it to actually to write, since some cryptic message about 15000mv - 100000mv error, I changed some setting closest to that to just over 15k mv. It wrote to the device. From there the limits and settings was working on the bluetooth as well.

Could be that the above error in the PC software in the 1st place stopped me, but the bluetooth had a definitive limit of 3.9V per cell. That limitation also got removed.

Reason I bought the BMS, is for someone in taking it to Malawi, without PC access. I hope the blue tooth settings will be enough for some half decent battery management.


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