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Kia 64kWh Battery
Hi, Anyone know if it is possible to rebuild a Kia Soul ev 2019 64kWh battery to a 48 volt battery for energy storage.
Thanks Claes
Any battery is possible to break down into smaller cells, or, you can use a DC-DC converter for not much to do the same thing for you.
I don’t know what the pack looks like… you should post some photos so people who are not familiar with it can better assist.

It’s always possible, but in my experience it is often times not worth the hassle or complexity. I have found most EV batteries are built to be very robust and sometimes very difficult to do. Considering packaging cells into batteries has a significant time and cost impact, I try to preserve as much of that as possible to get more value. I moved away from large 18650 builds for this very reason.
I’m pretty sure the Kias are running pouch cells, I know they are in the E-Niro

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