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How should I really take care of my Lithium-Ion battery if I can only charge it to 10
I'm pretty sure we're all familiar that everytime you charge and discharge your li-ion battery, it wears slowly overtime. Doing certain practices could cause it to wear off even more, such as discharging it to 0%, leaving it in extreme hot/cold conditions, charging with large cycles, etc.
However, I have a concern on how I should take care of my Lithium-Ion battery if I can only charge it to 100%. The closer range you keep your battery percentage in, the longer it will last, so something like 45%-75%, or practically the best: 65%-75%. It's also important to charge in short bursts no matter the range you're keeping it. I have a bigger issue. The Nintendo Switch console, as you are familiar, can only charge itself to 100%. This isn't true if you're only using it in Handheld Mode (or if you have the Lite), but only if you are using the dock. When it's sitting at 100%, it's not charging, so it's fine leaving it as that because it's just sitting there. But the issue is that I'm not sure what range I should leave it.

Batteries are not meant to be charged to 100% every time (technically), but does anybody know what range I should keep it if I have to charge it to 100% almost every time?reverse phone lookupnba reddit pcpartpicker
Range is impossible to tell and people will only guess. You need to check the datasheet for that particular model to understand where it have the most cycles over time vs DOD and stop of charge.

With that said i would say that 35-85 is a very good start for most LiIon to be doing decent capacity and run for a long time
Once again depends. I have packs i run 100-20 easy just because its not worth stopping earlier
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I've read/referred to this many times...   not sure if its accurate but at least it has some things to think about. 

BU-808: How to Prolong Lithium-based Batteries

In my own case, I've designed my system to limit DOD to < 40% in the voltage range just ahead of the discharge knee (where power vs voltage drop takes a sharp dip) - which means 3.5v to 4.0v per cell for my 18650 battery bank..   I hope to provide info from real world experience if I'm still around in 10 years Smile

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