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w0ss semi DIY powerwall V2
V1 was...

2xMPP solar 2424lv
32x86ah LifePO4 prismatic in 8s4p (8xDaly 1s balancers )
6x195watt solar panels

V2 additions/reconfiguration
Reconfig LifePO4 to 16s2p(16xDaly 1s balancers)
2x LG 189ah 51.8v ESS batteries(14s JH3 cells)
2x 6048 sunny island
Batrium watchmon5
midnite classic 250(stripped down version)
ABB 225A shunt trip breaker

My goal is a whole home UPS that can charge from a generator when there isn't enough solar.

LifePO4 and Li-Po are in parallel. Charging to a max of 57.12(3.57LifePO4/4.08LiPo) Sunny Island is currently configured for GenGrid operation. I will be using a manual transfer switch to switch to generator, the generator is a portable 5k inverter generator. I will get some pictures and such up
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"a whole home UPS". this implies you'll use primarily grid and switch to battery when it goes offline. Is this correct? If not, then is your goal whole home powered solely by the solar/batteries?
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Primarily grid powered, to start at least then I will add extra solar to offset daily use. I am on a wierd solar tariff so I have two meters and the solar on my roof(9.5kw) goes right to the street without coming into my house. I will be adding a manual transfer switch to bring it in and AC couple with the Sunny Island during grid outages only.
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Built a board to breakout the existing LG Chem battery connector. On to the next step!
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That's a huge expense for a UPS - also a huge step up from your V1!
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Discharge test of the bank from 4.08(3.57) to 3.40(2.98) volts per cell was ~425AH. Nominal is 550ah(378 LiPo/172ah LifePO4).

Original BMS board and breakout board I designed with resettable fuses. Took advantage of the original mounting holes. They don't exactly line up but close enough for me Smile
Had some time today with the holiday here in the US. Got the boards mounted and connected together. Waiting for the Multimon8 to connect to my watchmon5, for now I have them paralleled on each cell.

Pretest test Smile Each 7s pair read cell one a little low(12mv). I soldered over the resettable fuse in case by chance they were both bad or out of spec. But looks like it was just the checker. Watchmon doesn't show cell one low.

Tested the setup as watchmon wants

All working.
Hi w0ss.  Newbie here.  I purchased the LG ESS 189AH 48V from Battery Hookup.  I'm not really sure where to start with it.  My goal is to keep in my garage and add up to 12 - 300w panels to the roof.  I have a 30 kwh Nissan Leaf that I would like to charge from Panels and the LG ESS at night. 

What is the best way to interface with the LG ESS?  Do I just connect to an inverter/charger?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Best way is tough to say. Everyone here does things a little different. If you connect to an inverter/charger you typically want a BMS. If I had just one pack I would go with a Daly BMS and call it a day. If you want feel free to make a thread and I am sure many more will comment.

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