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w0ss semi DIY powerwall V2
Glad the other one is working Smile

I just bought one of the cheap 48v to 24v converters. Although I might try to figure out a new plan. The MM8 needs 12v to run. I was planning on running everything off that converter but the MM8 has me thinking of other ways I could do this since now I have my WM5 and MM8 running off 12v.
if I can get this battery working well and safely under control with my SMA sunny islands When they show up at Battery "Whatever", I am going to buy two more and go off grid. I'll need to consider what I am going to do when I add the mm8. It's unfortunate there isn't a site for Batrium Watchmon users to share approaches.
Hi guys.  I have one of these batteries as well.  Actually, it's the only component I have so far for my system.

Can you tell me what chemistry this module uses?  Someone said "Lithium Polymer"...not sure what that means exactly.  Others say NMC...etc.

Following the thread with great interest.
Lithium Polymer is refering to the type of cell construction using a polymer electrolyte they can be almost any LI ion chemistry
NMC is one type of lithium ion chemistry
Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (LiNiMnCoO2) — NMC
later floyd
This LG Chem ESS module is LiPo?
They are filled with LG JH3 pouch cells.
(05-11-2020, 12:35 PM)w0ss Wrote: They are filled with LG JH3 pouch cells.

Thanks.  What I actually need to know is which general chemistry (class of battery) this is, so when I select a BMS/charge controller/etc to use, it will be able to work with this battery...for example, have the proper setting available in a pulldown menu in its setup utility.  For example, if a BMS says it will work with Li-ion, or Li-Po, will it work with this battery? Hope I explained that well enough  Dodgy
Nominal is 3.7v maximum is 4.2v. "Li-Ion/Li-Po" not LiFePo4
I have gotten my batrium bms to pass the testmon. However After installing into the watchmon 5, I  am getting some very strange readings from the watchmon 5.  11 Of the dells are showing 3.75 volts but the 8th cell is blank and the 6th and 7th are showing a blinking tower with excessive voltage, the Blinking on and off tower shoots up to 5.5 volts. I do not think this is a real measurement The battery is cold. My battery also is showing when i test at the terminals 49.1 volts as if one cell is not functioning. At all.
I have yet to charge or put any load on this battery.
I Am thinking may have a defective battery..

Is there any advice you can give? I am thinking of returning the battery. It is Now stored outside Between Hardibacker board
That doesn't make much sense to me. If it passes the testmon then that means it saw all good voltages. If the 8th cell was blank then it shouldn't have passed the testmon. Perhaps you have a loose connection? I guess it would be possible one cell is bad, but again it should have failed on the testmon. These cases come apart real easy and you would have access to the connections on the sides to double check at the battery.
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