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Australian wildfires
I know this is super off topic, but the news is filled with the wildfires in Australia. This is more of a courtesy post wishing everyone well. Hoping none of you are affected.

Merry Christmas all

Much love from the UK.
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I visited Australia a month ago, beautiful country and very nice people. Here's hoping you all stay safe! And maybe can elect some people to better handle the climate crisis!
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Record heat wave, near decade long drought in some places, worst bushfires all over the place, largest city filled with smoke from said bushfires.
PM denies climate change, torpedoes green legislations/projects and goes on holiday to Hawaii. [Spokesman?] initially denies he's in Hawaii - photos prove otherwise.

I hope the new generation of politicians who have to live with this mess will introduce some cruel and unusual punishment for such politicians, and thoroughly destroy his retirement and legacy. Maybe have him shovel coal until his "sponsors" retire the last coal power plant.

*I used to live there*
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It's not fun, but I bet there are so many places off the news that are much worse off.
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