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imax b6 can it discharge multiple 18650?
(12-24-2019, 10:04 PM)alex_1978 Wrote:
(12-21-2019, 07:25 PM)daromer Wrote: Just use a proper mppt Charger for solar instead fiddling around with external relays and mcgyver it
i plan to get the victor mptt solar and connect it with my 300W solar panels., this is not problem.
If i make a 4s20p or a 3s25p pack would the mptt charge controller to take care of overvoltage/highvoltage each cell?
Main problem is that cells are taken from diferent laptops so they absolutely have not the same capacity or resistance.
That is why i wanted to test capacity and then with the use of to align each cell.t 
They all keep a good charge at 4.2V for months that i've tested, this is the only good thing i know.
So if i charge one by one to 4.2V, make sure they are 100% and then build the battery pack will they discharged balanced?
Would be a big risk to connect this pack to 3.5A 12V fridge for example? or just keep it for LED lights (all of them about 2A max)
And last thing i was wondering, if i solder or spotwelder the cells for the parallel boxes , then how i will be able to read voltage for each individual cell in case i need to check if is low or high voltage?
I am a little bit confused only because cells are not equal to characteristics so won't some of them get low/peak voltage from time to time?


Please take the time to re-read some of the comments I made.  You are asking the same questions as before, but it appears you might not be understanding my responce.

The solar charge controller will not do anything for each cell as it is not aware of cell level voltages.  It only looks at the total package voltage .  You need a separate system for monitoring and maintenance like a BMS.

You also seem to have a hard time grasping what happens to cell in parallel, they balance with each other, regardless of the capacity.  In a scenario where you have different capacity or IR, the cells with be sharing the load, but not equally.  Discharge rates matter, but in your case, should not with such a low C rate.

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