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Anyone tested the Cell doctor (
Hi, I don't have a Megacellcharger yet, but I ordered one just before Christmas. It's due to arrive in mid-February.

I have quite a lively exchange with Alex, who always answers very quickly and is very attentive. Alex lives and works in Romania and has a new software developer on board for some time now.

Since a few days you can't buy the Megacellcharger directly anymore, Alex has set up a crowdfunding campaign to harvest 34.000 Euro, nearly 10% he has together. The goal is to produce a "finished" or massmarket product, i.e. with the right casing, the money is needed for the mould. If the campaign is successful he wants to deliver the devices in April.

The Baker prices are interesting: one MCC together with a 5V/20A power supply should cost 157$, two MCC with a 5V/40A power supply will cost 310$. There are more packages available.

To get the campaign rolling I ordered two additional MCC with a power supply.

More information here:
The day of 100% renewable energy will come. It won't be long now.

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