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Stevos Mancave Powerwall
About time i started a build on what ive been up to.

Ive been harvesting cells slowly over the last year, ive still got about another 40kg i need to get through.

I built a lean to on the back of my mancave/ shed and decided to use some solar panels as the roof.

Found some Renesola 250watt panels on facebook marketplace so picked them up, and got busy mounting them, have 1.5kws on the lean to extension.

Bought a MPP solar PIP-5048MK a couple of weeks ago, and got straight onto making a formply mounting structure on the inside of my shed.

Setup my distribution and changeover switches and couldn't wait, hooked it up to some old Sealed Lead Acids from decommissioned UPS's to power it up and see it run.

Did a little load test with two kettles getting it up near 4kw of load and about 1.3kw of solar of the 1.5kw array.

Plan is to run the lighting, beer fridge and general power in the mancave of solar, will leave the dedicated outlets for welders etc of the mains, will also run it back to the house to run lighting, general power and evap air-conditioning of solar.

Ive probably got about 10kw or so of lead acid just sitting here, so will get the system up and running on lead, to keep the motivation going testing cells and getting ready to build lithium packs.

Need to load my main shed roof with a array of panels when i find a batch of panels and probaly a PCM60X MPPT charge controller.

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Temporary Battery Shelf while i test the system

Nice work!
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Got back into harvesting cells this arvo. Broke up a heap of packs, about 300 x cells ready to charge and discharge test.

Have another 40kg of laptop packs to seperate and test yet.

Ordered a couple more Opus testers to speed up the testing process, ill be building packs soon enough Smile
Picked up another 9 x 260watt panel's today.

Will get onto installing the rest of the racking on my shed, over the next few days and get them up and running.
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Got the new panels up, will see how my generation/ charging goes tommorow.

Need to get another bag of clips to finish of tidying cables on last row of panels and will be done.
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Today the first 10kw pack begins?

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That's a neat solar install!
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