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What's the best spot welder
I think you'll like the Malectrics. I've got >8000 welds on mine so far. No problems whatsoever welding 0.015 nickel strip, 30AWG tinned copper fuse wire, and 3A axial glass fuses.
Has anyone made the spot welder from parts ordered from Mouser?

Did it work out cheaper than the already assembled unit direct from the EU?
I just purchased the Prebuilt unit from Malectrics.
Now to get the source battery before the welder arrives.
And Make some cables.
[Diy Wrote:hkwacl [/ diy]sunnyeveryday pid='58180' dateline='1577470958'] İyi bir fiyata.

Ya tamamlandı ...

Veya bir yavru kedi üretilebilir.
Ben aliexpress JST-IIS aldım. 0,02 mm'ye kadar kaynak yapar.
50 usd prens

Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.
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Ben aliexpress JST-IIS aldım. 0,02 mm'ye kadar kaynak yapar.
50 usd prens

These are Heavy and shipping is more than double the cost of the unit for me.
I looked at ordering from China, but decided to stay away for now because of the Corvid-19 delays and China shutdowns.

Was going to make the Malectrics spot welder by ordering the board direct from Germany, the parts from Mouser and the Arduino from China (arduino's localy are 10x more for some reason)
The Delay's from China tipped me in favour of buying directly from Germany.
I used a roll of copper tubing from Lowe’s and a hammer to create my homemade busbars. Much cheaper and easy to get the diameter needed (about 16-18 mm) for this application. Not sure if it will work well, but I literally used crazy glue to attach the copper bus bars to the plastic cell holders. This allowed me to solder everything to the bus bar first with zero heat applied to the individual cells. I then spot welded the fuses and added the BMS.
I Ordered and received the Malectrics spot welder. Decided it was too much of a risk getting parts from China at this time and couldn't source the Arduino locally.

Found out the car battery I was going to use isn't any good. Just received another battery today and was able to make my first spot welds.

I am having no problem spot welding Copper wire and the Glass fuse wires to my cells.

Did have a few issues at startup and blew an nice crater in a cell + end. It appears that it's best to have the foot switch. I slipped and one lead was directly on the cell when the automatic trigger went.

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