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[BUYING] Battery Hookup Australian/NZ Group Buy
They do ship to Australia, I got mine delivered last week. 14 X 120A pouch cells.
How much was shipping?
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reg interest
Interested in 32kwh
I'm keen, any progress yet
Am new here, but also keen if getting them to the West coast is possile.
Also anyone on west coast looking to buy lets split shipping
I’m interested
Just registered to show my interest in this,


Brissy, Australia

Would be looking at 20-30kwh in the not so distant future, preferrable in e-v battery form, cant be dealing with millions of 18650's thats not for me.
I'm in as well. With the current postage system, there doesn't seem to be any economies of scale.
Located in North western Sydney.
I just bought 7kWh of second hand LiPo4's from Ian Goe in Melbourne. he ships. got supercaps and new stuff as well good prices.
I bought 8 380Ah plastic prismatic for 1600. No comparison anywhere.

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