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[BUYING] Battery Hookup Australian/NZ Group Buy
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(08-01-2020, 12:22 AM)camthecam Wrote: I just bought 7kWh of second hand LiPo4's from Ian Goe in Melbourne. he ships. got supercaps and new stuff as well good prices.
I bought 8 380Ah plastic prismatic for 1600. No comparison anywhere.

Link please, mate!
Im from Perth but would be more then willing to put into a bulk order. I just made a battery hookup purchase and shipping was over $50 OUCH!! I bought the modem packs with the Sony cells
I would definitely be interested in a group buy. I’m in Queensland. Want to buy EV cells/modules for motorcycle conversion.
I’m not sure how to copy paste but it’s lithium battery/ super capacitor group on facepage thing.
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