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specs of these blue 38120 cells?
Curiosity got the best of me and I picked up these 38120 cells off Craigslist (attached below). The seller said these were pulled from a electric forklift. I googled what I thought was the model number (a38120lie17) to get the specs, but got no results. Anyone happen to know the specs of these cells (namely rated capacity, continuous & max/burst discharging rate, charging rate and operating temperatures)??

on ebay they selling a set of 38120L ( 3.2v 10AH 38120L ORIGINAL LIFEPO4 BATTER high quality Good Condition) that looks like those (the positive end looks similar) these are the specs on those. All the other 38120 I see have ends that are threaded.

Thanks! Any idea how to remove the welding strips? There some low and dead cells in other packs and want to replace them
Flush cutters are the best way. Don't use a dremel or sandpaper or you'll remove the protective layer of silver on the cell.
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Thanks again! Last question - can I use a basic spot welder (like this: to re-weld this pack? If not, what minimum specs in a spot welder should I be looking for to spot weld bigger, higher current cells like the 38120L (I'll also be using it for spot welding 18650 battery packs too)??

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