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PV System Slovakia, Sobrance, EU
My name is Paul. I would like to show my learning curve @ building
battery packs, strings of panels, linking solar chargers, battery & inverter
together, with DC bus bars, shunts, DC, AC breakers & so on.

My system is off-grid, but I use inverters with built in chargers,
also hybrid inverter.


I started in 2014/2015 with no knowledge about build & commissioning such system.
Soon after beinning I realized, that monitoring in solar charger is not sufficient.

So I build my own monitoring system with Arduino Mega, Eth. Shield
and Amploc AC/DC current sensors + some voltage deviders.

I knew nothing about 18650 LFP, NCA, NMC, LTO, LMO, LCO .... cells.
So my first battery was Trojan Pb fl. bat.

My cheap 3000 VA inv. went to Si hell, so my second choice was:

I searched for better batteries, so I bought refurbished 100 Ah Winston cells.

I extended also simple Arduino PVMS.

End of 2015:
investment 2700 €, el. savings yearly 218 €.
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6600 Wp 16 kW inverters 10 kWh LiFePO4 15 kWh 18650 Tachyum Prodigy
Nice beginnings. We all gotta start somewhere. I'm still needing to get Solar panels myself, plus a few other pieces of gear.

Love the wall of firewood. Serves double duty, in the summer keeps the sun off the wall Wink

Using the trailer is a nice touch. Easy to reposition the panel as needed.

Side note: please upload the images locally here.
Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
Knowledge is Power; Absolute Knowledge is Absolutely Shocking!
Certified 18650 Cell Reclamation Technician

Please come join in general chit-chat and randomness at Discord Chat (channels: general, 3d-printing, linux&coding, 18650, humor, ...)
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My Meanwell 12/3000 inverter has big standby consumption, 65 W.
I bought Victron Phoenix C 1600 VA, which has only 6 to 11 W standby cons.
Also no problem with Daikin Eco air conditioner.

I started to weld my solar tracker.

Also I added some lightning protection:

My PVMS with Arduino Mega got some logging to uSD.

PV in a nutshell

If we compare same kwp to south versus dual axis tracker.

Problem with shadow from neighbour.

I programmed my BMS with ArduinoMega.

Sun rise with PVMS.

My new server, only 4 W consumption.
HDMI, 3.5 audio, uSD, GPIO, WiFi, 2 GB RAM, 4x1.6 GHz H3 Arm po OC, 5 x USB 2.0, RJ45 1 Gbit.

Arrived used cells but almost 99 % of nominal capacity.

2015 to 2017 stats:
2015: 1.0 kWpDN: 671, kWh PV: 975 kWh, 0.975 Wh/Wp,
 2016: 1.5 kWpDN: 488, kWh PV: 1733 kWh, 1.155 Wh/Wp,
2017: 2.0 kWpDN: 862, kWh PV: 2292 kWh, 1.146 Wh/Wp.

Graph of cycling LFP per month with respect to number of cycles with different depth:

Simple tracker with "water" hour-glass.

Upgrade of switchgear.

My Meanwell 3000 TN need some cleaning.

Dec, 2018 arrived my new toy.

Stats: 2015 - 2018

Arduino Mega as server and Ubuntu + MySQL,

and some data from MySQL based on 3 x Arduino Mega servers.

Solar tracker III:

April, 2019
Another 8 x 100 Ah Winston used cells.

and also Panasonic refurbished cells for my 48 V solar system.

My soldering job:

15 kWp & 60 kWh prediction model:

Parallel balancing pack min. 3.508 pack max. 4.011 V.
45 sec. 26 A current.

May, 2019 Thermal Cam Image:

Solar chargers, inverter & DC breakers with TC:

Refurbished cells to process:

Additional lightning protection:

Comparison of prices of different battery tech. vs. refurb. 18650:
Column Cena === Price, column cykly === cycles.

June, 2019
Used inverter & sol. char. from my friend:

Cooled vs. hot solar panel.

One week with BMV 712:

Panasonic 18650 3100 mAh x 28 x 7 under load:

One month with BMV 712:

Raspberry Pi 3 + Venus GX image:

How to control PV with weather forecast API & math model:

Stats. 2015 - 2019 , 2020 prediction / needs some upgrade /

300 Ah LiFePO4 - 300 A current - voltage drop test
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6600 Wp 16 kW inverters 10 kWh LiFePO4 15 kWh 18650 Tachyum Prodigy

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