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MPPSolar MPI10 Questions
Hey guys,
does one of you know if the MPI 10k from MPPSolar can feed only the current load into the house grid (with the EnergyMeter)?
So just feed your actual load and without feeding into the public grid?
(I hope you understand what I mean)
They claim they can do 0feed but i have not seen it worked. I tried it out but didnt work. I contacted their support no proper answer. I called them no proper answer.

I deem that they do not know how it works and there is no visible sign in the software what it do.

I wrote my own software that does this and its included in Solar-sis. Note that the MPI have terrible serial protocol and thus you cannot run it more than like every 5 seconds so its not 0 grid.

YOU STILL Need permit to have this unit since its a grid tie unit. Doesnt matter if you dont feed to grid or not. This unit is not an offgrid unit at all and you are not even allowed to hook it up unless proper grid-tie approvals are in place.
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