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DIYBMS v4 thoughts
I just completed the JLCPCB assembly route, production takes about 3 days and shipping about 7 days. My package is underway.

Please note that version 4.21 is now the recommended version:
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Adam Welch posted a build video today featuring the v4 boards.

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(03-30-2020, 12:16 PM)Panozguy Wrote: Has anyone here done the JLCPCB assembly route recently?  I'd like to give this one a try - was wondering what your experience was with their work, pricing, shipping times, etc.  I can solder pretty well by hand, but these parts are just too small for my vision.  Thanks!

I'm interested in this too. Perhaps a joint order?
Adam Welch just uploaded a new video how to flash the diyBMS modules.


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