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DIYBMS v4 thoughts
Surely a number of folks have seen Stuart's design.

He's working on a simpler design which can be automatically assembled by JLCPCB. If you're interested please show your support by upvoting and commenting on his video. If you think there is a better DIY option please share! I have nothing to gain but the hopeful ability to order the completed boards because I don't have the equipment or ability to solder such tiny arse components.

And it's all open source!! MQTT, Grafana, Influx. Go now!
There's several here that use that system, or a variant of it. I think Rev0 is also working on a variant, or that one specifically, for his setup.
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I just ordered boards & parts to build 40 modules for my projects.  In a couple of weeks I hope to report back on how it went.

There is one person developing a board comparable with the Leaf modules.  

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I had all the thoughts and ideas of building a bms by myself but it is a lot of effort to really get it done... even copying stuarts solution, which is great, costs a lot of time and know-how which not everyone does have.

I am going now with cheap chinese bms with bluetooth on each of my 5 batterystrings and my new lifepo pw will have an ant bms with active balancer in parallel.

Ant can handle up to 400amp and active balancer can do 1,2amp balancing current.

It would be great if someone could write some code to get data from bms on a raspi mini with a webserver...

30kWh 5x 14s80p with 5x40A China BMS. 14kWH LiFePo4 is in production.
With the raspi one could even trigger external relais, additional intelligence, email alert and so on...
30kWh 5x 14s80p with 5x40A China BMS. 14kWH LiFePo4 is in production.

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