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Came across this cell recently. Cant seem to find any data on this cell. All my search came back as LGDAHB2. Think maybe this cell is discontinued. I can post pic, but doesn't seem I have the privilege to do so.
You can post a pic. After uploading it to the picture section you must click the image to insert it into the body of the post.
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its an hd2.

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.pdf   LG_18650HD2.pdf (Size: 378.7 KB / Downloads: 197)
Here ya go. Pulled out of a dewalt DCB203 20V pack.
It puts the lipo in the basket.
It's usually the 2-3 letters before the "18650" part. In this case, it's an HD2 as mentioned above. Thanks for the pictures, I'll add it to the cell database listing.
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