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[SELLING] Lightly used LG MH1 3200mah = $1 for one or less. US Seller. Details inside.
Basically title.
I have a few thousand individual cells for this first batch, stripped from custom battery packs with a proprietary bms that requires a communication protocol with what I assume was a controller, making the bms unusable.

Batteries are all tested and are at anywhere from 95-97%. Small strips of nickel still attached on ends. Didn't want to damage for no reason, some people don't mind soldering over.

Also the battery packs themselves are available for purchase, the configuration is 10s4p 12.8ah. The packs come in sturdy cell holders made specifically for that layout, meaning they are individual packs and will not auto stack. For serious inquiries a tester batch could be shipped with money back guarantee.

Here's the spec sheet for the cells

Here are some amateur pics:

I am located in the West Coast, shipping rates for USA only are the following:

Minimum order: 15 pieces at $1 a piece. $5 shipping.
From 15 up to 50 = $6 Shipping
From 50 up to 170 = $12 Shipping
From 170 to 300 = $15 Shipping

Any orders over 300 = Free shipping.

Any out of the country orders would have to be calculated on the spot, so inquire via PM's.

I am new at this so ask away, can provide more detailed descriptions or photos if needed. At this moment I have about 2000 cells available, will have more as soon as I sell this batch. Price will either drop or increase depending on demand. 

All transactions through paypal only with moneyback guarantee if the quality is subpar.

No ultrafire scam stuff, these are honest, hardworking 3200mah cells.
Approved. Please move images from links to posted here. Images in Marketplace should be immediately visible to potential buyers.

Added note: Do not advertise YOUR cells on someone else's Marketplace Thread. Your other post was deleted for this reason.
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