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Is this the Holy Grail of home energy storage for DIYers?
Captains log: battery date, 00003

To get some power into those cells you need to double up your volt input = 2x1.82=3.65v to charge,but they will take not much ~0.1ma.
I left cell 2 overnight charging, at 3.40V to find it this morning sitting at a fine 1.82V.
It could "light up" a yellow led.
Even after one hour the volt was 1.82

Cell 1 was left alone after some testing yesterday, i left it behind at 1.50 volt.
This cell still needs a proper filling with electrolyte.
I connected those two in series and the led was lighting up as it should be.
A yellow led needs 1.6v to 2.1v.
Still connected in series i put them on the charger at 7.2v to get anything in it ~0.02

At 8v volt they want 0.035A
Cell two started at 1.82v, cell one started at 1.50v when started charging in series.
After one hour both cells were at 1.82V.
It could rule out the need for a bms indeed, if they reached their max volt and are saturated, the zinc crystals and the bromine liquid are touching each other and self discharge to a safe balanced level?
This would be interesting for the next tests to build a higher cell.
For discharging to 0.00V it will do the cell more good than bad.

I think the resistance in the (up till now) materials used, is to high and i really need graphite foil as a collector to lower the total resistance field.
I hope it will come in soon.

Cell one (after filling up) and cell two will be connected together with two other cells at each side to obtain a 7.24v battery.
With no graphite foil in between the cells but only at the outsides.

Thanks for reading
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Do you have some pictures of your setup? Congrats on your first results! You can light an led, nice one! Perhaps you can try and measure total Wh of a cell? Could be interesting information!
Captains log: battery date, 00004

After yesterday's post i set the charger to 10V....NO GO.
Cell 2 that was full of electrolyte was bulging after one hour and got even leaking.
I am going to take Korishan's point about venting in consideration into the bigger built very serious.
Cell 1 no problem.
Everyone that was playing with acid will recognize this: the tinkling in the nostrils.

I left them overnight charging at 7.2v in series.
This morning i found the cells at 3.55v
One was at 1.76v, two was at 1.79v
In parallel the cells are to weak for one LED.
In series:
I connected one led, it was lighting up happy, after connecting 3 they reduced there emitting by ~50%
Lets see how long they will last.

I this setup the cells dont take much energy or give, i dont have the equipment to measure the ingoing power nor to measure the exact stored power.
Even with the meter set to ua there is nothing to measure, leds fail to light up also.

Building the cells:

My cells have the following dimensions:
5cm x 7cm x 2 cm, are filled with oasis.
I drilled two holes that i closed after filling with leftover pieces hdpe with the help of a soldering iron.
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Captains log: battery date, 00010.

Last couple of days they had several cycles in series.
I did several (the same tests) tests with the same outcome results with my first two cells.
The test was: connect them in series load and drain.
The cycle of charging was getting shorter? still not sure of this.
Apart from the initial charge, Yes was getting really shorter...from 24 hours to 4 - 6 hour to 3 hours....
What i did:
Set the charger to 7.40V.
Discharge with 3 yellow led lights.
One full cycle is approx 7 hours, charge and discharge!
Apparently the more you use them the quicker they give and take power?
.Approx 10 to 14 complete cycles.

The results where all the same.
Cell 1 was stopping at 0.05V (The "dry" one) and cell 2 was still at ~1.65V
Both cells had no trouble at all to go to 1.82v again(total 3.65V! max), charged at 7.40V!!!!!
When the cells where empty the charger would give just 0.060 mah to 0.100 mah, due to cell one(the "dry one")?
But when the cells where full, the charger went to 0.000A charging, that's normal for acid?

I received my graphite foil last tuesday, my last (smallest) sturgeons went to a privet pound, in really good hands, really GOOD hands and a GOOD pound! that why i did not post earlier, sorry.

Tomorrow i will start to built cells with graphite foil on to them.
Perhaps i will do a different topic/thread about building those cells?
Or post it here?
And perhaps another topic/thread with testing those cells?
Or post it here?
But i will make a separate topic on the final tests, sorry vspin no hostility from my side, just friendly fire Big Grin as a thank you!
I think this chemistry has potential, but i don't want to hijack vspin's topic

Of course the blame Cool Big Grin would go to vspin with a link to (t)his topic/thread!
After all he got me into this....basically he is the captain...i just made a jump....(Yes i am a star trek and star wars fan.....)

Best and thanks in advance

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Smile Absolutely. I think it's better for all of us that people create their own thread when doing their personal projects. I don't want any recognition for being the first person to post about this battery here. The real appreciation goes to people like you who are putting in their own time and money to test this battery for the rest of us which is what I was hoping for when I created this thread.

Please link your project thread. As always, I'm excited to see what you find.
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I would indeed suggest 100kWh Hunter that you create a separate thread for your endeavour. At first glance the first tests seem to be OK. Perhaps if you are building new cells, you can build higher capacity ones and powering something more than an led?
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@vspin ofcourse i will place the links, i hope i will get 5 stars also Big Grin Cool
Thanks for the start and sharing about the info on the znbr cell, without people like you, people like me would be lost!
Investigators and executors

@ivo, i am building new cells in the hope to lighting up more than just some leds, i got good hopes
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The saga continues:
I went further than a lot of published papers and experiments, at least i have obtained some hard numbers!
Vacation well spent, i will not proceed to build a ess out of ZnBr2 cells.
Holy grail? sorry no, too much fuss to get the proper materials, building, controlling and maintaining the cell's.
Room for error is also to small.

Read my tests and other topics on this one.
Thanks for reading, thoughts, suggestions and likes.

That guy from youtube, deleted some of his videos regarding his blade cell and the znbr2 chemistry, you will find 2 out of 8 back.
Most from the member section.
Hi All,
My 2 cents worth.
As far as stationary batteries go I am a big fan of Nickel-Iron, the old reliable Edison batteries ( tesla kicked his but Smile )
Knife batteries ( I believe I got that right ) are so stable, last a hundred years, can be over charged or discharged, low electrolyte safe and are non-toxic.
they have found batteries buried in telephone switching stations for 60 years still working.
drawbacks: heavy, low energy to density ratio and expensive to buy.

Also, gravity fed systems are coming back into mainstream ( see hoover dam )
Advantages to a dam ( water ) or a mechanical clockwork like mechanism ( search gravity light ) are that costs can be cheap over longterm, low maintenance, scalability and high reliability.

 Also, imagine the gravity light scaled to use a weight in a mine. they call that Gravitricity. This may be big in the future...

Interesting stuff...
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