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Is this the Holy Grail of home energy storage for DIYers?
My name is Daniel, I am a chemist interested in the development of Zinc-Bromine batteries, I am also very into DIY so I have been looking into building and characterizing some small batteries at home to better understand the electrochemical behavior and how to make a larger scale DIY option. I have created a blog ( to publish my progress on the topic if you want to check it out.
After some initial failures, I was finally able to achieve the first results for a relatively efficient (96%+ coulombic efficiency) Zinc-bromine battery using tetrabutylammonium bromide (TBAB) and zinc bromide ( I am using a Swagelok cell for this initial testing, using a DIY USB potentiostat/galvanostat for the characterization of the battery. The carbon felt I am using is too heavy though (500mg per 0.2 in^2) and because of this reason the specific capacity of this battery sucks (in the 1.0-2.0 mAh/g of cathode material). The felt also has a lot of loose strands of carbon "hairs" which go through the separator and basically short it unless I use around 4 layers of fiberglass. 

This is the current structure of my battery

I am using a 0.5M ZnBr2 + 0.2M TBAB solution. 

I have now ordered an assortment of different carbon papers with different surface areas, densities and thicknesses to see if I am able to increase the specific capacity to the 100-500 mAh/g I think I can get from reading recent research papers on the matter.
danielfp248: Interesting information and looks promising. Could you please make a thread dedicated to your progress? Smile Make it a little easier to filter through the data collected/posted
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