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Hello from Norway

This is my first post here. I have been lurking around for a while now.

Attached are a couple of pictures of my 24V system in my off grid cabin in the Norwegian mountains. The system is in an underground cellar in a shed I built a few years back. The temperature in the cellar is above freezing at all time. At least it has been since I built it in 2016. It can be very cold where my cabin is during winter. We often have temperatures below -20C (-4F).

I have started harvesting 18650 cells and plan to build an 80P7S pack when I have enough good cells.

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Welcome to the dungeon it looks like! Now let's see more lithium ions and less lead acid!
Very nice. What's your PV array size and how many ah in your current battery bank?
(01-20-2020, 05:13 PM)OffGridInTheCity Wrote: Very nice.  What's your PV array size and how many ah in your current battery bank?

My PV array is 800W, see picture below. I have 12x 6V/200Ah in a 4S3P configuration. That is 600Ah@24V but since my batteries are in the cellar where it is cold I have configured my battery monitor for 480Ah.

If you see in the lower left of the 3rd picure, behind the ladder, I have four Concorde 305Ah batteries as well. These are my spare bank. I can use them to charge my main bank in the darkest months when I'm not at my cabin. I use a Victron DC/DC that I can turn on over the Internet for this. I can also reverse this operation and charge the spare bank from the main bank.

Nice project!
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Follow my Powerwall journey here: 

Building the following:
20kWh Powerwall
8kW Solar
30kW Heating system
Testing cells, a slow process!
I have 299 cells above 2000mAh now out of a total of approx 500. About 50 of them are 0V, the rest below 2000mAh
Goal is 560 2000mAh+ cells in a 80p7s configuration.

Seven months have gone since my previous post. I now have approx 1000 cells above 2000mAh. I have harvested around 1800 cells. Many where 0V, some got very hot during discharge and about 500 cells where below 2000mAh. I have changed my mind about the cell configuration and want to go bigger to reduce the peak Amp on each cell.

I have not decided on how to assemble the packs. I have bought a kWeld spot welder, have various size nickel strips, glass fuses and resistor legs. I also have a heavy soldering iron. I have enough 5x4 cell holders.
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