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Tp4056 reverse voltage protection
As soon as the wiring is done I will take a pic of the back, its kinda messy as there is still cable to run. Because of that I cant finish off some of the harnesses as yet. 
The connector is a pair of 50amp Anderson connectors I recovered from a old UPS i trashed for parts. You can get them at any trailer shop or auto store.
The 4 connectors give me 12v 5v 3.3v and Greound. Not that i have found a use for the 3.3v yet.

Basic schematic  well , each bay runs like this:-

Cell Holder > your Rev polaritiy Circuit > INA219 sensor (I2C data) > Relay .  Relay switches between Either a TP4056 or a HW586 pcb.

The INA219 Supplies Bus Voltage , Current, Shunt Voltage and load voltage (not used).

Now the INA219's can have 4 different addresses 0x40,0x41,0x44,0x45  as I am using 5 groups of 4 and add to that you cannot have 2 devices with the same  address, I use a 8 channel multiplexer, this allows me 8 rows of 4 sensors , 32 in all but I am only using 20. as each channel is separate, having 5 sensors with the same address is a non issue.

I chose an Arduino Mega simply because of the amount of pins it has. Believe it or not all 20 ina sensors only use a total of four pins on the Mega.
I use another 20 pins to turn the relays Opto-couplers on/off.  

The code is a work in progress, I had not even heard of an Arduino until late last year, so still learning the programming side. 

Quite happy to share info and answer any questions, also happy for hints and tips too.

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YOLO is wrong, You live every day. You only Die once so it should be YODO. Angel
(05-02-2019, 12:12 AM)Redpacket Wrote:
(05-01-2019, 01:00 PM)John Lee Wrote:
(03-18-2019, 10:29 PM)vdeconinck Wrote:
(03-18-2019, 07:43 AM)Gremlin Wrote: Any glaring faults anyone??

I don't have the time to check, but I really think it's time to make one as a first prototype and test it.
The rule is :
- Smoke => bad.
- No smoke => good.


Firstly "A Thank you" for this wonderful simple circuit. Could this be used for a Safety feature of Electrolytic capacitors discharging into an Inductive load or an Inductor specifically. As on discharging the capacitor into the inductor, the capacitor energy will go low but the Inductor energy will go high and being the tank circuit that it is, will try to reverse charge the capacitor (Electrolytic in this case) causing it to blow up. So my question is, will this circuit protect against such and inductor or inductive load in general. And further if the use case is for high current discharges should I use a Relay instead of the mosfet (Switch) to disconnect the Capacitor from the Inductor (Load).

A capacitor discharging into an inductor (& remaining connected) doesn't cause the capacitor damage, you get a "ringing" damped oscillation.
It's unlikely a relay would be better (contacts arc closed, less reliable, etc)  
For a better answer on what the right thing to do is, we'd need to understand the application & circuit you are considering.

I was thinking of a multi-stage coil gun with a an Electrolytic Cap powering each stage. The problem I am facing is of the tank circuit  that it is, it tries to charge the Electrolytic Capacitor in opposite polarity potentially destroying it in the process.
Capacitor discharge systems related to that do not use MOSFETs as the device & capacitors used in those circuits work fine, no reverse volts.
Can't really help you more on such a project.
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
Kind of an old thread but I used the protection circuit on an over the top 10 bank I created that also has voltage displays for each battery that I can turn on or off and I ended up adding small buzzers in series with a diode to let me know when I’m an idiot. I was able to squeeze all the protection stuff behind the back of the battery section of the project so it’s invisible.
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My question is how to protect the circuit if i plug the battery in reverse. Let's admit that it is no charger conected. Can i use the same circuit ?
Instead of 4056 will be now my battery and instead of battery will be my board with my processor on it ?
Can it works ?
Hello Vincent,
I have a dummy question.
I love your circuit and i will install it between the chatger module and battery.
Now the question.
After the battery i have some other circuits which get power from a 5 volts booster.
I want to install one between the battery and the MT3608 Step Up Boost Converter DC to DC Adjustable 2V-24V to 5V-28V Power Converter like on this Amazon page

Do you think it will work ? I am scared to be like other said, too tired, and put a battery on the holder in reverse way.
Thank you.

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