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Choice of 10kW 3-Phase Inverter for DIY-Battery-Project

I'm from Germany and one of my big Problems to get started is the the question of the Inverter, because to build the inverter yourself is certainly not a very simple idea.

I am looking for a 3-phase inverter that has about 10 kW AC. At the moment I have a Kostal Piko 10.1 inverter for my existing PV. This system has three strings (2 x 4.42 and 1 x 3.42 kWp), the two larger ones could also be connected in parallel, same modules, same orientation.

Since I heat my house with a 2.5 kW-3ph heat pump and my electric car ZOE also charges three-phase, I definitely want a three-phase inverter. Very much also with the possibility of island / emergency power system.

With SolarEdge-Inverters, I had some very good experience in PV-only systems some time ago, that has a very interesting approach.

I have collected some information about SolaX in the last few days. The SolaX X3-Hybrid 10.1 looks very interesting according to the data sheet. But the manual is badly translated and supposedly the support is also bad. About the product I got only little information.

For the DIY battery I think more of a high voltage system, so about 400 V. I'm thinking of connecting 7-8 14S40P packages in series. Even if it will be expensive, I am thinking of a BMS from Batrium.

Is there anybody out there, who has some hints and experiences to share?
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I believe MPPT sells a 3-phase inverter setup. It's not a single unit but 3 that are connected together with coms. Then they sync up as needed to output 3-phase.
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Or victron, you can parallel them up for 3 phase and put in series to get a lot more kw out of it.
MPP is not something i would go to compare to what you have today. You will be disapaointed on how bad MPP work comparing to your Piko.

The Solax on other hand is said to be a step up and worth checking out. Victron even better but 3x the price Tongue

With that said dont go 400VDC. Thats lethal voltage delux and you will have a hard time getting that even approved or getting someone to touch it. 48VDC is an easy workable sollution that most electricans just ignore, for now.
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