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[CLOSED] Samsung IRC18650j and Samsung ICR18650H
ICR18650J and ICR18650H, recovered from electric scooters GPS modules. Tested like new on Lii-500. Charged to 4.2V and rested for a full month to discard self dischargers (none by the way). As of right now 373 units are available but many more in teting line.

 120 € per 100 units, buy more get better prices.

 More to come. I am located in the south of Spain.

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I know the market is small in here but just in case... Bump
Still available, nearly 1000 units.
Bump...Many still available.
Are you willing to ship, and to where? Perhaps lowering the price a little may encourage more interest. Though, $1.32USD/cell is a pretty good price.
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I do ship, EU only. I did say "buy more get better prices" so implied is I am willing to arrange the price some.

Thanks for your suggestion.
Hello, I live in Mallorca but have people in Málaga, how far are you from Málaga?

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