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capacity testing Large format cells
Any chemistry cell larger than  say 20 ah, how should it be done? without breaking the bank.

 later floyd
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Revolectrix Powerlab8v2, with pc link
here an example testing GS YUASA LEV50N prismatic cells 50Ah

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Thanks Carl
later floyd
A RC/hobby balance charger is gets my vote.  Its what I use for EV batteries and complete pack testing.

Depending on the model/brand there are feature like regenerative discharge and external discharge which can greatly improve the discharge rates for capacity testing.  iCharger is known to do this well, I like their units for this type of work and they have various models in different price ranges that can all pretty much do the same thing.  I’m sure others can too, but I don’t have first hand experience.

Balance chargers work well regardless if you are testing a single cell or a complete module as it is balance aware.

Thanks Chrimp daddy
I have an icharger 1010 B+ but the 1010B pdf manual dosen't say anything about regenerative discharge or external discharge, one website selling the 1010B+ has listed under features "external capacity resistor is connected, iCharger 1010B+ produces a maximum discharge power capacity of 280W (@40V/7A)." regenerative discharge has the same.
not sure I want to take a chance on letting the magic smoke out of the charger. it was hard enough getting it into the charger to begin with. Smile
I will look at the other Ichargers and other Rc/hobby  balance chargers

later floyd

See Pages 3 & 18
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Icharger x or duo models are preffered.

My personal opinion doing RC for many years Smile
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Thanks daromer and Geek
I looked and looked for the1010B+ pdf and all I could find was the 1010b pdf and I saw the link that Geek gave but figured it was the same one I had which was for the 1010b model. will look at the other Ichargers
later floyd
The 1010B+ is a nice unit... one of the smaller more affordable models that has 10s support. It also does regen and external discharge but at about 300 watts max.

You can make what you own work, or you can look at larger models to get more power handling.

Either way, you already have the right tool.
I got an iCharger x8 to test my 25Ah cells in batches of seven. ~5.5hrs to test about 125Ah at a time and it's been rock solid.
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