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Batrium Watchmon Elite/6 - LTO Chemistry?
I hope it's OK to resurrect this older thread on WatchMon 6.

So would WatchMon Elite (6) work for an LTO chemistry (1.8-2.6 VpC), 24S, ~1000 AHr bank?
The description on their web page seems to state 14S only, meaning NOT 12S for example. Seems odd?
Not sure I'll need the heavy active balancing; I need to take some more statistical readings on my 432 cells, discharging/charging cycles.
I do plan to sort and combine the individual 55 AHr pouches into 18P "supercells" in such a way as to average out their capacities.
But of course cells can change over time...
You need to talk to Batrium about that. LTO have such a low voltage that it may or may not work and we cannot answer it im afraid.
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