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Hybrid inverter Growatt SPH6000 in Australia
Hi All,
can anyone tell me please if this SPH6000 Growatt inverter will work if i connect my DIY 48v battery to it.
I have a 48v (156 p x 14s) packs .
The spec sheet shows the battery voltage is correct. will the inverter run if im using my own (batrium BMS) does it need communication to the battery to operate?

see below link(hopefully the link works)

Im basically wanting to feed a small amount back in to the grid to offset the mains/grid connection when my batteries are full. Ive been quoted $1600.00 AUD for this model
Or if someone has a better inverter to recommend, feel free to post. Im sure there are better inverters, but its the balance of functionality and price that im looking for. If money was no object, i probably wouldn't be here.
It appears it should work without any issue.  I have been considering a similar unit from Growatt for my project.

Thanks, I’ve got a new 6.5 kw system going with the growatt hybrid. Only have a small 2 bed house. We don’t need a larger EPS out put for blackout.
I’ll post once it’s in. I just really hope it accepts the battery and works without needing comms to the battery. I’m interested to see if the batrium will communicate with it.
growatt is blue sun right.
So i want to buy this inverter since its approved in here in DK but i want to use it with my own battery so can somebody confirm if this is possible ?
Take note that the AC output from battery is only 3,000W for all models, the 6,000W rating is solar to grid output.

All of the mainstream "hybrid" inverters appear to be designed around grid feed plus power delivery for an emergency circuit (lights, fridge, etc) in the event of a black out.

These are not true off-grid 6,000W inverters.
I am currently using the SPH5000, it is 5kW Solar with 3kW battery charger, I am currently running 2 x 200A 48V AGM strings & 1 x 128A 14S2P Li ION string, you are able to adjust the voltage levels for the upper & lower limits 44 to 59V DC (Mine is 44 to 57.6v). You need to configure as Lead Acid as the Li ION setting needs to be connected to the batteries to pass setting across.
It works fine on Lead Acid for Li ION, you just dont get the full depth of discharge for the batteries.
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Thanks for that. Mine was installed yesterday. It comes up with BMS comms error. It won’t even show battery voltage. Ive reached out to Batrium for some help. It would be great if it was able to be controlled or communicate with.
I don’t need a huge output system.
Thanks for all information.
I’ll update again once working.
Growatt SPH 5000 update
Inverter is set as lead acid and is charging. I’ll leave in this setting until I can get the Batrium to communicate with inverter. ( no luck yet)
I can not monitor remotely as I’m waiting for the missing wifi dongle.
The guys that installed this had never put one in before. Not sure why inverter isn’t using battery when solar is low or when it’s dark? It recognises voltage and chargers, but doesn’t discharge? Any ideas?
Sounds like it may be set for UPS type mode where it only uses battery when mains is not available.

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