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Hybrid inverter Growatt SPH6000 in Australia
Hi All,
can anyone tell me please if this SPH6000 Growatt inverter will work if i connect my DIY 48v battery to it.
I have a 48v (156 p x 14s) packs .
The spec sheet shows the battery voltage is correct. will the inverter run if im using my own (batrium BMS) does it need communication to the battery to operate?

see below link(hopefully the link works)

Im basically wanting to feed a small amount back in to the grid to offset the mains/grid connection when my batteries are full. Ive been quoted $1600.00 AUD for this model
Or if someone has a better inverter to recommend, feel free to post. Im sure there are better inverters, but its the balance of functionality and price that im looking for. If money was no object, i probably wouldn't be here.

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