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fuse Wire
Just a quick question what size wire are you using for a fuse and where are you getting it,
I am looking for 2-3A fuse wire, I not particularly keen on the glass axial fuses but I might just go that way.
Depends on current. If you plan on 1A current per cell and have tested that normal 5A fuse wire is sufficient. The thinner wire = more resistance and also more fragile.

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32AWG 30AWG tinned copper is generally a good choice.
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Cell level fuses are to protect the dud cell from the rest of the pack. if you have 3 or more cells in parallel, and 1 goes short circuit, the other 2 will be able to deliver more than 5A combined. Unless the cells are really low voltage to begin with.
So a 5A fuse would be sufficient as daromer says. Which, come close to the 32AWG 30AWG that mike mentions.

update: mike corrected himself later
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I use 30 awg tinned copper wire - here's a 250ft length on Amazon (they have shorter 100ft lengths as well).

32 awg is good as well as @Mike indicated - and burns thru with a couple less amps, but its a little harder to find.

Tinned copper wire solder's easily and is reasonable protection on a power wall pack. As @Korishan said above - its to protect the pack, not an individual cell.
I really like the glass axial fuses… I like that the fuse blow element is contained in glass, and is safer than having a bare exposed blow element.

What is your concern with them? I know they are a little bulkier and harder to work with due to the length, but I think it’s the ideal fuse at only a cent or two each.
Correction to what I said earlier, I am using 30AWG not 32AWG (my bad). The 32AWG wire is very fine and delicate. I am using the same exact wire that OffGridInTheCity linked to above.
fuse wire is easier and quicker to install and makes for a neater installation. I use to use glass fuses but it was labor intensive, I don't recommend them.
I fuse my cells with AWG34 wire, which I harvest from a 17-strand AWG22 wire. A bit labor intensive, but I couldn't source AWG34 any other way... plus it's 10x cheaper than single strange wire.
Breaks at 5A~7A. Definitely higher resistance than AWG32~30, but not a big issue as I use just max 0.5A/cell.
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Thanks everyone, I managed to get 35 awg tined copper wire for about $9, I tried fusing it at 10apms but it didnt blow, but thern I am not 100% sure it was 10amp,
I was using a ISDT charger and set to 10A to charge a 12P pack, it got very hot just dint blow at about 1.5cm

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