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fuse Wire
(02-02-2020, 08:02 AM)rolfbartels Wrote: Thanks everyone, I managed to get 35 awg tined copper wire for about $9, I tried fusing it at 10apms but it didnt blow, but thern I am not 100% sure it was 10amp,
I was using a ISDT charger and set to 10A to charge a 12P pack, it got very hot just dint blow at about 1.5cm
35awg should melt at 4-5a.    I can attest that 30awg (is what I use) definately metls thru on my packs - as it sometimes unspools to the bottom side of the pack when I'm soldering on the top side....  and burned my fingers more than once Smile

Here's a chart from lower on this link     It lists fusing current (right hand columns) vs wire size and I believe these numbers are reasonable Smile

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