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Batrium Watchmon4 in Node Red
(06-26-2020, 02:51 PM)Cell-King Wrote: Interesting. If it happens when you are syncing the longmons (the "Device Sync" button), the page states that there is no monitoring during that step so maybe the UDP listener is seeing no value or NaN and sending that to Influx?
That's a possibility but I was not doing a sync at 10PM at night. Unless the Batrium in its infinite wisdom did it.

I just initiated a sync and that's the trace  Pack 1 drops to 0V for 1 sec and pack 2 to ~3.7V all others stay the same.

Nothing like the 6 minutes of no data as in the other charts.

For Info Google Drive

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Hey Guys, thanks to @Wolf and this post I put together a bit of a walk-through. Let me know your thoughts. Hopefully it helps any newcomers.
It covers off on the following:

Grafana Install
Influx Install
Node-Red Install
  - binary-parser
  - influx
  - dashboard-ui
Configure all elements
Home Assistant Embed of Grafana
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Just a quick note that this thread helped me get up and running on my Synology NAS

Batrium Watchmon 4 > NODE RED > influxdb > grafana

now that I am hooked i want more...!
going to start with bringing in my iotawatt sense data next into influxdb then into grafana

from there i am thinking about weather data / sensors. anyone bringing in this type of data for analysis?
my thought is to leverage for instance a 'solar irradiance' value to control a pool pump ex. high irradiance then increase the rpms.

has anyone looked into the difference of node-red vs maybe home assistant for that scenario?


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