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ABB SACE S5 300a max settings

I'm adding an ABB SACE S5 300a shunt-trip - for eventual hookup to Batrium.    I want to make sure I set it to the 'max'.    You'll notice at the bottom there is lm MIN - MAX and lth MIN-MAX....

If I understand it correctly, the lm is a formula for seconds to trip?  and lth looks like max amps.  I want 300a + 0.5-1sec'ish delay - so if set both of these to MAX to get 300a with longest time delay I'm guessing I'll be operating at 300a at 1 second or so.    

Can someone explain or just confirm that setting these both to MAX will indeed be in the relm of 300amps @ 1sec 'kind of thing'.  I don't care about 0.5secs vs 1sec (i.e. I don't need it to be super sensitive) but I do care about 5+ secs (enough to start a fire)...  so I don't want to shoot myself in the foot for basic ignorance on how this works Smile

Thanks in advance

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