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[CLOSED] giving 18650's and supplies(Sacrameto, CA) all 18650's and supplies are gone
Giving not selling
Due to a setback last year I have decided to give up on the 18650’s too much work.
Anyone in the Sacramento,Ca region want my 18650 collection?
I am still building a second life powerwall.

I am giving up 18650’s well mostly I am still keeping most of the hoverboard packs I took apart and the hoverboard packs That I haven’t taken apart.

I have aprox. 300 tested cells in 4x 5 cell holders these may have been put in discharged all the way to fully charged. then they sat for a year some longer than that. so will probably need to be retested. not sure if I checked for self discharghers

Extra 4x5 cell holders

7 used laptop batteries.

unknown number of 18650’s some tested some not, same as the ones in holders I would retest them before using and maybe clean them up a bit more.

Aprox. 40 small prismatic red cells some tested ~1900-2000 mah (under the cell wrappers)

Some lipo cells (not in photo) taken out of laptop batteries.

Several packs of precut cell wrappers.

5 tp 4056 unused (not in photo)

a 4 cell battery holder (not in photo)

If someone wants 10s battery protection boards I have a few i can toss in the pile.

There might be other items



PM me if interested.
Just sent you a PM! This would be huge for me!

-Henry Wotherspoon

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