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Leaf cells at 4s and victron 12v Multiplus
Hi All,

Ive got a small test system using a Victron Multiplus 12/800 inverter and 14 leaf modules wired as 4s. The leaf cells are LMOs and I believe nissan charges them up to 4.1v but max is 4.2v per cell. Prior to purchasing the 12/800 charger / inverter I looked up the spec and max dc voltage is 17 so I thought I was good. 

During configuration the max charge voltage seems to be 16v, thats only 4.0v per cell at 4s. Im shutting down the inverter at 12v (or 3v per cell) I seem to be missing a lot of capacity from the bank of 14 modules as im only getting about 180ah out of it, only 25ah per module, no where near the 50ah (or 64ah when brand new) spec. 

Just wondering if this seems about right for my charge parameters? Any recommendations to improve things?

I do intend on upgrading to the Multiplus-II (48v) using batrium hence the fact I have 14 modules but found this 12/800 multi cheap and wanted to try it for a while before getting the 48v multiplus. 

Thank you all.


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