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Power bank shell for 103450
Hi, I have some Sanyo 103450 batteries I harvested from a Thinkpad T430s laptop battery. Does anyone have a link for a DIY power bank casing/shell for this type of battery? I can only find 18650 sized ones.
Is this the type of powerbank you are looking for?
later floyd
opps it uses a lithium polymer battery not the 103450 batteries which are the little red prismatic ones ?
I wanted to ask you guys about those cells yesterday Big Grin
I needed cell identification but this guy helped me.
I found 2 type of cells in lenovo battery - first time for me.
Hi, thanks something along those lines yes. I think that one is meant to be used with a different type of battery though. I'd also need something with 2.1a output or above.

Hi yes they're the little red prismatic ones. Would using a 6 X 18650 case work if I solder nickel strips to the battery and connections or will the bms usually provided with these cases not work?
It should work or you could just get the charging module and make your own shell. Getting a diy 18650 usb powerbank is often cheaper even if you just use the board from the kit. just solder a strip to positive and negative sides of the 103450 batteries solder the pos and neg strips to the correct sides of the 18650 power bank case, and it should work.
Later floyd
Insomnia please go away
Cheers, I'll give it a go.

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