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Batrium and Victron Smart BatteryProtect 48V-100A

I have purchased the Watchmon 5 from Batrium and also the Victron BP 48/100. My systems consists of Leaf Gen2 cells, tansictioned from Tesla modules for a more traditional setup. I reached out to Batrium and they suggested I seek help in the forums, kind surprised they couldn't help me but ok.

I have programmed the BP 48/100 to disconnect on under/voltage but i was wondering, as a another layer of control, how I can have the Batrium control the BP 48/100, is there a way to control the relay? 

Victron BP 48/100 Manual:

PS: I have also purchased a Shunt release and circuit breakers just in case but wasn't sure if this is a redundant approach if the BP48/100 can achieve the same result.

thank you 
Batrium WM5

Leaf Batteries Gen 2

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