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Hi from Canberra, Australia

I started researching batteries a few years back and worked out the commercial ones with a 10 year warranty and a 10+ year payback were a marginal proposition.  Prices were dropping each year though so I thought I'd come back to it later.

Anyway, I'd only started researching them again recently when I came across this site.  How I wish I could have come across it earlier.  When things are too expensive, why not build your own.  I actually have a Systems Engineering background so do know a few things about electricity, but it is mainly in the sub 5 volt range.   Although I do like to tinker.  I've been actively reading up on this site, there is a lot to know, and appreciate all the information that has been posted.

I have an existing grid tied 3 phase solar install (13.2 kW) using a Fronius Symo inverter.  I'm going to try and put together something that will work with that.   Once I come up with a plan, I might post it and get some feedback.

I don't have any batteries yet.   Would be keen to throw some money at the problem, so have registered my interest in a group buy.

Welcome Unrealeous,

Later Floyd
Welcome fellow Aussie!
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