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Grid Error Sun GTIL2 2000W
I have two of this inverters, one of them has a grid error.
Is there a solution for?

There is a FB group for those inverters don't seem to be very good for the money. Most seem to fail quickly and don't have a great ROI. The facebook group seem to offer some good repair info
Second Life Storage Cell Finder
Lithium Power Australia
Paolo Italy
Battery Hookup USA (10% coupon 'Powerwalls')
BigBattery USA (10% coupon 'Powerwalls')
Tim De Groot NL
Power 2 Spare USA
Pro-LOX Netherlands
hb, u said they don’t seem very good for the money.. they are dirt cheap. These are one of the lowest price gridtie inverters. I’ve had 2 of these going strong for 2 yrs..
Micheal, I’d check to make sure the second inverter is connected to the AC power correctly, same as other inverter. If it is connected the same way then your inverter needs to be repaired.
The site hb posted above might help

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