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Hi from north Queensland Australia
Hi, im from North Queensland Australia , i have a custom made 5KW ( VERY conservative) 48v inverter, with 1100ah of lead acid battery,  10kw of panels (various string configurations), 12kw of on grid inverter synced with it (auroras , i can adjust the specs via rs485)... thoroughly enjoying it, not paying 28c kwh... 

I also have a 5kw commercial inverter 

#Aliexpress AU $625.40 22%OFF | 5KW Solar&Wind power inverter charge 48V 24V solar battery with toroidal transformer off grid solar inverter built in ac charger 

that i use as a backup, that runs small loads but can be utilized as main inverter at any stage. Very happy with this unit as well, it has run the house quite well on numerous occasions while i was building my inverter..
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I think it works !!!!
Hi welcome to the forum

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