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Plan to do a balance charge before capacity check
I think daromer means you could choose to do a discharge test without the balance leads connected but you'd get less info.
Still a very good idea to charge the pack & allow it to top balance for a while until all the cells equal before a pack discharge test.
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I wasn't very clear on what I was gonna do. Sad

First check the cells with multimeter (done)--> Next wire up the balance leads--> Normal Charge to 3.6v per cell(28.8v battery)---> balance the battery---->next do a normal discharge with balance leads in place.
Took out the BYD bms, rechecked voltages, going to have to make a waist high work bench. Too hard on the hands , knees and back sitting on the ground.

Later floyd
Managed to get the Icharger X8 hookd up without letting any magic smoke out.Smile
found out that the x8 screen is not visible in sunlight. had to moved behind a door to really see it.
don't have a big enough battery to do a regen discharge. Used a hoverboard battery to check this much. it is more out of balance than I thought.

Just glad it works

Later floyd
Thats why the DUO generally is better Smile If you dont have a regen battery you can just dump it into heat easily on the 2nd channel Smile
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Slowly charging the battery at 2A (I need to get a real power supply) I will be old and grey or bald by the time it finishes. let see 2A Starting at 11%(the x8 read 11 % at start of charging) = 195.8 AH 97.9 hours to charge probably longer. 

later floyd
Managed to change the amps to 6amps, tried 12 amps but the power supply shut off.
72mv out of balance
Starting to get in balance the more it is charged.
61mv out of balance
Oh and I found a battery to do a regen discharge to to. The other BYD battery duh
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The battery has entered CV part of the charge. At last 2 and a half days off off and on charging. Probably 30-40 hours on the charger.
when I wasn't here or was asleep the charger wasn't on.


at 2amp charge the voltage difference was down to 3mv then I upped the amps to 4 then the voltage difference grew untill it was 199mv now the current has dropped the difference is going back down.

I don't know what to make of these readings.

Later floyd
feeling better about the battery
 The cells are balancing out shouldn't be long before it is done charging

 Later floyd
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I finally went ahead and did a capacity test the results were underwhelming 2.5 kwh 106 AH

Need to test the other battery, connect them in parallel after the test.
Install the bms(ANT) on The battery.
Decipher the instrutions  there are 3 sets of bms on the instruction page. The old (mine), the new (upated screen?), the newest (connections all in front?)
I think I will just parallel my 2 BYD  batteries, Maybe each cell connected in parallel maybe just the positive and negative posts. Togather they have 218 AH  5 .8  kwh Still more than I had before.
since the batteries have only been cycled once I am hoping that it will wake up if that is even possible. Some say it isn't possible  some say that it works

 I am not sure this makes sense .Smilet is well past my bed time.

later floyd

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