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[BUYING] West Europe Battery Hookup Groupbuy Powerwall
Hello from Netherlands
Just registered the forum.I made different projects.Now i wanna pimp my Bakfiets ( Dutch e-cargo bike for kids )
and a powerwall for solar.

+Who would be interested in group buy from USA to West Europe for cells. (Netherlands , Belgium , France, Germany ) 
+My goal is to have a lot of cells in NL for less then 180Euro/kWh. It should be even cheaper.

A123 26650 is my main intention but LIPO pouch cells are also very charming.. 

*If you want to show interest please indicate which city you live , which cells and what quantity you may want.
*If you have an advice please share all good/bad experiences. Thank you.

I have experience in the Logistics so here is my Schedule prediction;
1- Till end Feb to get requests from this forum ( if i need to register other forums for Germany , France pls advise )
2- Place order at the Beginning of March.
3- Shipment will be in Rotterdam 3 week of the March.
4- End of the March delivered/released to the people ( i will check No:4 and update in 2 weeks )

Ps: If there will not be any reaction/batteries are not easy to Import into the EU; i may order my cells at the end of FEB.
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Just a thought, why dont you post a thread with this on in the DIY battery Facebook page.......that's the Battery Hookup Facebook page .
and the DIY Powerwalls facebook page. mite get some interest there.
cheers Steve
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I think all three is the go, get to as many people as possible - many don't Facebook.
Second Life Storage Cell Finder
Lithium Power Australia
Paolo Italy
Battery Hookup USA (10% coupon 'Powerwalls')
BigBattery USA (10% coupon 'Powerwalls')
Tim De Groot NL
Power 2 Spare USA
Pro-LOX Netherlands
@solarsteve @hbpowerwall

Thanks for your advices. I would be very happy to share on Facebook groups but i dont have an account. 

1-Is there any gentleman can share my post at those groups with this forum`s link ?
2-I have a question for BYD 24V Modules from Battery Hookup


   Is there anybody who managed to use those modules as 48V with battery inverters ( Hybrids ) of below
with or without communication in Off Grid mode.
   a- SolarEdge StoreEdge 48V
   b- Goodwe ES Hybrid
   c- Solis Hybrid
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Hey contact me PM [removed email]
This Groupbuy is not happening. I want to give a summary if anybody will else try.

1- I am only approched , contacted by German , Scandinavian and Serbian people.
2- They were more interested in low price/kwh Li-on cells without cycle life/IR/quality concern.
3- BYD modules ( 3.0kwh min capacity ) was interesting if their cost can be Euro350 in Rotterdam.
4- Battery Hookupwas slow but at least responsive.
5- I understood import cost will be a lot lower then Euro180/kwh.

So yesterday i bought LFE cells from Netherlands for my small mobile application.
For me low price/kwh Li-on cells were not inveresting because even NEW 18650 has 400-500 cycle.
Second life Li-on will not be logical for 5 year investment.

My next application will be 10kwh+ Batrium or SBMS of Electrodacus + Off Grid inverter/s.
When the time comes i will try one more time for Groupbuy.
And i will try to support all groupbuys from NL. My company has a big warehouse I may store some 
amount of Battery.

Somebody ask me what LifePo4 cells i bought , but his private messages not working.

I bought A123 20Ah pouch cells. They are surplus cells. I will capacity test them for 30 days ,
i can also sell  for good offers.

Please DM me.
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Quote:For me low price/kwh Li-on cells were not inveresting because even NEW 18650 has 400-500 cycle.

Just a note on this. If you cycle Li-Ion between 90-20% DoD and also (but less important) charge them at lower than 0.5c then they will go thousands of cycles before hitting 80%.

LiFePO4 are the cycle life (and safety) king, no doubt about that. But if you can find very cheap Li-Ion and then set up your BMS to only do that DoD cycle then it can often make more financial sense.

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