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Tinning Copper Bus Bars
Nice work and good thinking with the used nickle strips.. I didn’t think of that.. ended up buying nickle plates from eBay. When they arrive I’ll set it up and give it a go.
Be careful with using the nickle strips. If they are from the laptop packs, they are nickle plated steel. If all the nickle plating comes off and the steel is exposed, the solution will be contaminated with iron as it will electrolysis into the solution faster than the nickle.
For this reason, also fold the strip so the ends are not in the solution but only the loop end.

I had some I was working on to nickle plate my copper iron tip. So I started the process. Came back a few hours later and the solution wasn't just green/blue, but had a reddish color to it. The batch was useless for nickle plating then. The iron deposits would cause rust points on any metal you try to plate.
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I’ll wait till my proper anodes arrive I think :-)
My Nickle plate arrived from eBay and I had some time this morning to have a play. I found a suitable container in the wife’s Tupperware cupboard.

The Nickle plate was hefty... 2mm x 100mm x 100mm - I cut in half and drilled some holes so I could dangle from the edge of the container. Connected it all up and started making bubbles. I’ll report back with a video in the next 48 hours to see how it goes.

I used some cheap 2L vinegar from Coles and some table salt for the solution.

After 4 hours I can certainly see the solution turn a hint of green. Can’t wait till tomorrow to see how dark it gets.
It took me longer than expected to post, but I finally made a video of me making the Nickel solution.

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