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Repurpose Makita 18v battery packs
Hey All new to the forum currently in the process of planing an 3kw BLDC E Scooter Build.

I’m a carpenter by trade which means I have plenty of Makita 18v Li on 5ah packs I have used these packs and chargers for years and find them exceptional.

My Scooter motor options are 48v 85A rated or 72v 55A rated BLDC

Rather then build a standalone scooter pack I would like to make my makita packs dual purpose. Can any one tell me if this is a good or bad idea ?
With a 72V motor you could use 4 18V Packs in series to power the motor. Batteries must have built in BMS with over and undervoltage release. Don't know if the Makita Packs have that. Some tool batteries have and others don't. I have some McCulloch packs who don't have a proper BMS and should not be used for something like that. Einhell does have for example...
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Thanks mate yes makita have a BMS built into the they also have a cooling system built in to both battery and charger.

So am I right in saying 4 x 18v 5 ah packs in series gives me 72v 5ah total
Yes, 4 x 18V 5Ah packs in series will give you 72v 5Ah total.
You must check if the BMS does communicate with the tool/charger over data line. The packs I got send the charge state to the tool/charger and the tool/charger control charge or discharge. The packs themselves can't disconnect load. So if not used in a tool or charger of the manufacturer you could over- or overdischarge them wich would bring you much trouble. Damaged cells when overdischarge or maybe fire in case of charging. You need to be careful. You could check if there are any Tools for the packs wich only have two pins. Lights or fans for example. If yes the packs should be able to disconnect by them. Always be safe...

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