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[CLOSED] DELL Laptop Packs in Sydney/Australia
Plans have changed and i have for sale ~640  complete laptop packs (3840 cells)

They are a mix of 2 different pack models all 65wh

They contain SAMSUNG ICR18650-30B (Green) and
LG LGABD11865 (Pink) cells

Have tested a couple of cells on an OPUS 3100 and was getting ~2600mah

Instant powerwall made from only 2 types of cells...rare

Shouild end up with ~34KWh powerwall from these

PICKUP ONLY - Parramatta area (plastic tubs not included)

Price: $1200 for the lot OBO (thats about 31c per cell)
Hey mate. If be interested in some of these please can pickup asap

Please email or call ***contact removed*** incase I don't see a reply on here
Hi mate if still available I'm interested. ***emailed removed***
Wookie/Burnzy: Please make sure your PM setting is turned on in account settings and wait for a PM from Velside. Do not post personal contact information in the public posts, please.
You could also send them a PM with your contact info.
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Thanks to HBpowerwall for the facebook shoutout
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