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[CLOSED] Europe 250A 12V Bistabiles Relais, polarized latching relay


I am selling on eBay some of my Gruner 760M-R1A-B4R0 Relays.
They are polarised latching, if my English does it right.
250A at 12V with 50ms reaction time (+12V for 50ms "ON", -12V for 50ms "OFF").

20€ each.

You can also ask here if you need one, only shipping to Europe.
I have more then 10, but only 9 on eBay.

Here is the Link to the data sheet:
Gruner Datasheet

In Deutsch:
Ich verkaufe hier oder auf Ebay mehr als 10 Gruner Relais.
250A 12V Bistabil (50ms Umschaltzeit)


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